About this blog…

You may already have aDSCN3604 clue about this blog’s subject matter, but I think I need to explain. My blog theme is almost an oxymoron. There are many in Reformed Christian circles who believe that remarriage after divorce is absolutely forbidden, no matter what the divorce circumstances were. I am a Reformed remarried divorcee. A divorced and remarried Reformed Christian. No matter how you put it, it doesn’t sound good. I hate the D word. This blog is not aiming to balk at denominations that are strict in their convictions. I’m with them and most of all I’m with Jesus: He hates divorce and I hate it, too. I will attempt to share the anguish, anxieties, and apprehension that preceded our marriage. Besides the difficulty of a second marriage, my husband and I are middle-aged with grown children. Thus, there will be posts about other issues that make second marriages difficult. I’d like to open up discussion on remarriage after a so-called ‘Biblical divorce’ — caused by infidelity or abandonment (or in my case, both!) There must be more people like us sitting in those Reformed pews. You can imagine there will be an infinite amount of subjects to tackle on these pages, including the many blessings of a new marriage. I’m excited. Let’s dig in…


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