Upcoming Blog Series: Dead Men Know Best! The wisdom and wit of the Puritans (and other dead men) on marriage

autumn-leaves-and-two-birds-kissing_GygqJcduSo many books, so little time! Most new “Christian” books don’t entice me. Though I occasionally order a good reformed book from Christian Book Distributors, their thick catalogs full of Arminian authors usually get recycled without a look. Contemporary evangelical marriage help books pale in comparison to their venerable counterparts. While waiting for my prince charming to arrive on the scene, I read dead men. What a treasure of wisdom I found! I thought it would be refreshing to resurrect the Puritan writings (and later authors such as J.R. Miller and J.C. Ryle) on the subject of marriage. I’d like to share them on the blog in the coming weeks. I’ll include the links to the various works and discuss portions I love best.

This Thanksgiving Mike and I will be blessed to have two of our six children and their families at our table with us. The Storybook House will be warm with pumpkin and cinnamon scents and the laughter of two granddaughters playing. Faith, our 10-month-old, does a mean turkey impression. I am thankful.

thanksgiving-day-vector-elements_QyEf7zI am also thankful for dead men. Truly, they are very alive – more alive than dead works of some contemporary authors. I don’t mean to broad brush all contemporaries. There are many excellent writers in the reformed camp published by P&R Publishing, Reformation Trust Publishing and Cruciform Press. But I’m most thankful for such publishers as Reformation Heritage Books where Joel Beeke updates Puritan writings so all can understand. Let me also mention Solid Ground Books, where owner Michael Gaydosh also publishes resurrected gems. Banner of Truth is another excellent discerning publisher – yes, the Truth and nothing but! Forgive me if I left anyone out, but you get the idea. Reformed and only reformed. Dead reformers best.

So as we contemplate our many blessings this Thanksgiving, get ready to enjoy a cornucopia of gospel nourishment from brethren of Thanksgivings past. While I’m busy cooking and baking this holiday season, I will let dead men speak.


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