Upcoming Blog Series: Identity Crisis! Who Are We and What Are We To Do?

What? Another crisis? This one has been ongoing, since creation.

Who do you think you are? That is a loaded question. I borrowed it from the workbook we’re currently using in our Sabbath School class, Understanding Biblical Doctrine: A Workbook in Theology. I’m no theologian, but I am an ever-learning student of the Bible. I want to explore everything that relates to this verse:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. – Gen. 1:27

Green Bieszczady mountains in PolandI have premeditated many subjects for future blog posts, but I’ve decided to lump them all together in a series called Identity Crisis: Who Are We and What Are We To Do? What are we supposed to be doing as male and female in the various stages of our lives? What does the world tell us vs. God’s Word about our identity and specific roles as men and women, husbands and wives?

open book of family story
The American Dream and its many idols.

Just a run-down of possible subtopics I’m considering: Little girls and the Disney Princess, girl power, self-esteem and other lies,  complementarianism (if you don’t know what that is, read this and this), female modesty and the primal male beast, the goddess lie, aging and inner beauty, retirement, men and mid-life, this androgynous age, the feminization of men and perhaps more. This is a very rough list (and tough topics to address). Disclaimer: All subjects are subject to change as the Lord leads…

For the posts relating to men, my husband will offer his input. After all, we are pictured together as co-authors on the About page. We’re married; we are one flesh. This is our blog. All of its content reflects our shared Reformed view, which is a Biblical worldview. I’m the writer but he reads most of my posts before I hit ‘publish’. Nothing is written without his approval. We love complementarianism!

Remember, I am strictly black and white.

My office pals

There are no shades of grey. I will research, I will dig for truth. This will be a learning process for me. Hopefully, it will make us think more deeply and search the scriptures. You may agree to disagree. But my aim is to glorify God and let His truth be known.


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