Identity Crisis! Part Two: Female Modesty and the Primal Male Beast

It’s Springtime. Flowers bloom, weather warms and all God’s creation revives in beautiful splendor. Yet, it is a most dreaded time of year. More than just the weather heats up. Spring and summer yield a sumptuous visual feast for the primal male beast. Barely-there shorts, bikinis, spandex and spaghetti straps or no straps at all. Temperatures are climbing. Oh yeah, it’s hot. And lust is in full bloom.

Yes, it is a dreaded time of year. Not that winter is without incident, thanks to the vilest offender and new everyday casual –  yoga pants.  There’s no escaping the flesh parade, no matter what season. It is widely available continually on TV and internet, but those venues can be turned off. Warm weather brings it up in your face whether you like it or not.

Raised on heavy doses of self-esteem and girl power, young women are proud of their bodies; bodies yet untainted by the force of gravity and other body altering realities of life. They dress provocatively without concern, imitating celebrity pop culture.

A little itsty bitsy fashion history…

Many of us can remember the so-called sexual revolution of the sixties, those days of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Perhaps you also recall those ditsy beach movies with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. That’s when the bikini was mainstreamed into American culture, following its European beginnings. In this presentation, Jessica Rey gives a quick history of the bikini and tells how it was created to empower women. She does a tremendous job and I couldn’t say it any better. Please watch this video to uncover (pun intended) the real power of the bikini.

Girl power. Bikini power. Where is all this empowerment taking us? Here is the true demonic power of the bikini – it has the power to shut down the man’s ability to see a woman as a person. Instead he sees her as an object, something to be used. The primal male brain sees tools to be used when viewing a scantily-clad female. Is that the female identity – a tool? An object of man’s lust?  I don’t know Jessica Rey’s theology but I certainly applaud her for her efforts.

But wait…this is nothing new under the sun. Bikinis actually arrived much earlier than 1946. Here’s the ancient Roman version from Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository:

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? We certainly do as the Romans did, and more!

May I digress a bit?

While we’re on the subject of bikinis and ancient Roman debauchery, permit me to blast the bread and circuses of our day: sports. Many years ago as a young bride, I wrote a letter to the editor of Sports Illustrated after my husband got his swimsuit issue in the mail. I wrote something like: Are winter sports so dull that you have to compensate with some pornographic diversion? Yes, that’s precisely why the swimsuit issue was created. Sports are perfect breeding ground for wooing the primal male beast. Just look at the TV commercials during a sports broadcast. First of all, note the products being pushed. Beer, cars, and Big Pharma’s solutions to sexual dysfunction. Greed, sex and intoxication. The tools used to sell these products? Women. Especially scantily clad women. Married people, the flesh parade is an assault on your marriage. Your Christianity doesn’t exempt you. There are stats out there that declare this flesh-lust fest is devouring Christian marriages. I don’t like to think about how many men sit in church hiding their secret sin of pornography addiction. A word to wise men: get off the couch. Get your real tools in the garage and fix something for your wife.

So what are godly young women to do?

As believers in Jesus Christ, what do we say to our daughters when they choose their clothing? Is it a sin to have a beautiful body and show it? Should everything be covered? Should she wear a box over her body? Continue reading


A Little Diversion…

Diversions can be good or bad. Merriam-Webster says a diversion is:

: the act of changing the direction or use of something : the act of diverting something

: something that people do because it is enjoyable, entertaining, or pleasant

: something that takes attention away from what is happening

Ordinary life diverted my intentions last week. For months, chicken little could be heard in our Storybook House, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” So two old, bulging plaster ceilings were repaired. Now that the dust has settled and been carefully swept away by the Witch’s broom, life goes on. It was an annoying but necessary diversion.

I am not so sure about the constant geopolitical diversions of our present age. So many diversions are created to hide what’s really going on. Things seem to be happening at a faster pace. Before we can even digest a plane crash, there’s a heightened war on religious freedom.

With the current Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle, I realized my Identity Crisis topic is even more relevant. Thus, I have anxiety over it.  I will continue on topic as planned, but I needed a little diversion.

That’s why I’m playing with my blog. I’ve changed the look. A little diversion, something that people do because it is enjoyable, entertaining or pleasant. Therapeutic diversion. Picking colors. Writing notes. Breathing.

Hope you enjoy the new look. I’ll be back soon.