A Little Diversion…

Diversions can be good or bad. Merriam-Webster says a diversion is:

: the act of changing the direction or use of something : the act of diverting something

: something that people do because it is enjoyable, entertaining, or pleasant

: something that takes attention away from what is happening

Ordinary life diverted my intentions last week. For months, chicken little could be heard in our Storybook House, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” So two old, bulging plaster ceilings were repaired. Now that the dust has settled and been carefully swept away by the Witch’s broom, life goes on. It was an annoying but necessary diversion.

I am not so sure about the constant geopolitical diversions of our present age. So many diversions are created to hide what’s really going on. Things seem to be happening at a faster pace. Before we can even digest a plane crash, there’s a heightened war on religious freedom.

With the current Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle, I realized my Identity Crisis topic is even more relevant. Thus, I have anxiety over it.  I will continue on topic as planned, but I needed a little diversion.

That’s why I’m playing with my blog. I’ve changed the look. A little diversion, something that people do because it is enjoyable, entertaining or pleasant. Therapeutic diversion. Picking colors. Writing notes. Breathing.

Hope you enjoy the new look. I’ll be back soon.


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