Happy 1st Birthday, Divorced, Reformed and Remarried!

It’s been a while since my last post. Summer flew by and circumstances did not allow the time to write. Also, I’ve been wrestling with whether this blog should continue. I realized today that Divorced, Reformed and Remarried began a year ago – so a little celebration is in order.

Happy birthday, Divorced, Reformed and Remarried!

It’s a good time to review past posts and reflect on possible future ones.

Our Identity Crisis! series started in March. Wow. I did not expect so many related news stories to coincide with the subject. Since the series began, we’ve witnessed the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, the debut of Caitlyn Jenner, and a surge toward gender neutrality among corporations.

Monday is Labor Day. Most students are back in school. I always loved the new school year. It seemed to me a better time for a fresh start. New marble notebooks and blank white pages await. So does this blog.

Blank pages, fresh start!
Blank pages, fresh start!

There will be a few more posts in the Identity Crisis! series and then I hope to move on to less cumbersome subjects.

Stay tuned…


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