Identity Crisis!: Part 7: Youth, Beauty and the Ageless Goddess Lie

old-people-616718_640I dread haircut appointments. Hairdressers wonder why I decline their offer for color. I may be asking for too much, but surely they can cut and style graying hair. I understand it’s a challenge, but it’s my head. I will sign a waiver if I must, but I don’t want to wash the gray away, pretend to be younger, or have toxic carcinogens leech through my scalp and into my bloodstream.

I am a black and white person, but the only gray I accept is on my head.

Silver – the new blonde?

Women are especially obsessed with looking younger than they are, thanks to a culture that constantly bombards us with photoshopped young bodies. You can’t even check your email without seeing depraved celeb news splashed over Yahoo or other mail servers. Milestone ages of 50, 40 and even 30 arrive with dread. Mid-life women are affected the most. Especially those women who have suffered betrayal and rejection resulting in divorce. We feel we have to look younger, be thin and dress a bit provocatively to attract a man. But really, we don’t want that superficial man. We want the man who will love who we are, not how we appear on the outside. In the online dating world for midlifers, this is hard. Here is a good perspective by a single senior who chose to keep her long graying hair. I love one of the comments: silver is the new blonde! Oddly enough, gray hair has become trendy among young women, as we see in this New York Times article on grannyhair. These are encouraging and offer hope that we’ll finally kill that negative gray hair stigma once and for all.

OK, but I’m talking about more than just gray hair.

What is with this cultural obsession with youth and beauty?

We all want to look beautiful. We are told to hide that wrinkle, lift that chin, tuck in that tummy and bump out that booty. You can cover up your blemishes, dye your hair, and even disguise your sex, but you can’t cover up your sin. Sin rots you on the inside. I can’t help but think of The Picture of Dorian Gray.  Narcissist Dorian Gray (appropriately, Mr. Gray) indulges in every immoral pleasure after making a deal with the devil. He remains young while a portrait painted by an admiring artist reveals the ugliness of his corrupt soul and gets worse with each indulgent sin. While he seems to possess ageless youth and beauty, he is quite dead inside, as revealed by the aging grotesque portrait of his soul.

Think of the American way of doing funerals, which I hate. The cadaver lying in the coffin is coiffed, painted and lipsticked. Morticians do their best to make that lifeless cadaver look alive. But dead is dead. Likewise, the walking dead are those who live and breathe but are dead in trespasses and sin. As Kevin Swanson says in his sermon entitled Overcoming Evil With Good, the likes of Caitlyn Jenner are ‘dead cadavers with lipstick’. Without Christ there is no life. Outside of Christ, we are as dead as the made-up corpse.

Beauty, in our society, is directly related to youth and youth alone. You don’t see any porn sites featuring old ladies, except for that calendar published in the UK some years ago (warning: this is nauseating, click at your own risk) to raise funds for lymphoma. How pathetic that was. They did another one ten years later, more revealing than the first. Yet those old ladies were praised for their daring attitudes and they garnered much respect from our warped world. What they really need is a sense of shame for their nakedness!

Speaking of bold, daring old ladies…

I happened upon this PBS program while cooking one Saturday afternoon. Expounding on her new book, Goddesses Never Age and online course Ageless Goddess, Dr. Christiane Northrup spoke to an enthralled audience. I was already familiar with Dr. Northrup’s new-age approach in her book The Wisdom of Menopause, so I listened discerningly. You can glean some very good truth from what she says. I will grant her that much. She does have a point when she mentions ageless attitude. We should not succumb to what we’re told by mainstream media or by what I believe is a tainted health care system overrun by Big Pharma and greed. Growing older doesn’t necessarily mean losing your memory or getting brittle bones. I am tired of senior moment jokes. Stressed people in their twenties will have those same moments. When the mind is cluttered and overwhelmed by too much busyness and lack of sleep it’s hard to recall anything.

But when Northrup says ‘deterioration is not inevitable‘ she is lying. Here is where she starts to deny that we are actually living in a fallen world. Here is where she denies suffering and death that came into the world because of our sin.

Northrup’s book titles always start with WISDOM of _____.  The source of that wisdom goes back to the snake in the garden. She says ‘your spiritual outlook, thoughts and beliefs need to be surrendered to the healing power of Spirit’ — ah but what spirit? pagan god? Baal? the Universe? Mother Earth? Gaia? Northrup says ‘there’s this life force within you – it’s ageless!’ Dr. Northrup talks about what she learned from people who’ve had near death experiences. Red flag. She learned ‘We don’t die, there’s only love, and why wait…You have the power within you to change everything.’ Does that lie sound familiar?

In her best sex and pleasure video she says you can have this pleasure ‘no matter who your partner is, or even if you don’t have a partner’. She says sex is ‘connecting with your vital life force’. She talks about chakras and Kundalini. Kundalini is, not surprisingly, serpent power. Enough said. These terms refer to Hinduism and yoga practices and they are extremely dangerous to your soul.

She continues on about living a joyful life. But there is no true joy without Christ! Certainly there is momentary pleasure, as she describes. But self-love and self-gratification (self-worship) leads to emptiness. It leads to death, a far cry from joyful life!

I am wondering why this holistic health conscious lady is donning a blonde bob. Does she not care what those chemicals can do to her fearless ageless brain? Her philosophy loses credibility right there. How obviously superficial. I wonder what the portrait of her true soul looks like. Continue reading