I have SOA. Let’s find a cure!

So I was walking home and came across a CSI. BTW, I was only 2 blocks from home, right next to the BMV. But, JIT, the FBI was on the scene. OMG. I had to text my BFF ASAP. Then I went home to watch CNN to see if they covered it, but I knew ABC, NBC or CBS were better BC they are local. I think the victim was rushed to the OR, but maybe he was just DOA.

While I waited for the news story, there were so many commercials for meds. With so many kids having ADHD and adults with COPD, IDK if the FDA is equipped to keep up. Or the AMA. The CDC keeps alerting us of new viruses, but WHO knows for sure! But I know that the next POTUS will figure that one out. HTH.

IMHO, there is no good candidate either in the GOP or that other bunch…who are they, the DNC?  We’ll see who comes out on top, TBA. DHYB, it’s not worth it. I’m just so worried about TPP.

So I gave up watching the news and I’m watching SNL reruns ’cause I need comic relief. Great skit making fun of Hillary. ROTFL. Laughing was inciting my GERD. So I switched to HGTV for some good DIY projects. I need R&R.

I’m not sure there will ever be a cure for my disease. Not talking about GERD; that’s manageable.

I have SOA.

Woman Sick In Bed With Thermometer In Mouth
Woman Sick In Bed With Thermometer In Mouth Clipart

That is just GR8. ‘Cause I really need relief!

I am Sick Of Acronyms.

And all chat/texting language. And anything else that makes me scratch my head trying to decipher it. I don’t have time to Google acronyms.



If so, support the cause for a cure. Ribbons will be provided for your car.

But wait! I take that back.

My next post will be: SICK OF SUPPORT RIBBONS.


Disclaimer: I meant no disrespect for various causes, illnesses, support ribbons, etc. Happy April Fools Day!


“A merry heart does good, like medicine…” – Proverbs 17:22




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