Diversity: What it should NOT be in the True Church

It’s official: summer is here and it’s heating up out there. As I sat in my garden sipping coffee this morning, I heard a buzz. Coffee break over. Time to tackle my first nasty buzz word in this summer blog series.

Diversity is a very hot and complicated issue. The general meaning of the word from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/diversity:

  • the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.
  • the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization
  • the condition of having or being composed of differing elements :  variety; especially :  the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization <programs intended to promote diversity in schools>
  • an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities :  an instance of being diverse <a diversity of opinion>

As you can see, there is diversity in the definition of diversity. Therefore, I will tackle diversity in three different posts and maybe, a concluding fourth post. First, what diversity in the church is NOT (this post). Second, we’ll discuss racial and cultural diversity. And last, we’ll explore diversity of backgrounds and social status in the church.

Diversity is a good thing. God created diversity. “Diversity was God’s idea” as it says in this article What does the Bible say about diversity? The article also says,

People, God’s final creation, are diverse, too. He did not create us as clones or robots. He created two different genders (Mark 10:6). The creation of male and female is diversity at its most basicthe sexes are very different, yet complementary.

That’s gender diversity as God created it: male and female.Two distinct genders. Period.

I know, I said I didn’t want to deal with diversity with regard to gender but I feel I must.

Diversity is so tied to this LGBT transgender thing, which is why I hate this particular buzz word when I hear it in Christian circles. So let me offer a quote from a dead (but very much alive) man, Hugh Martin from The Abiding Presence.

“All diversities that are not of Christ’s own prior creation must unquestionably disappear.”

Now I’m sure Hugh Martin was not addressing coed bathrooms when he penned these words in 1860. But I think it is a perfect chastisement for this perverse generation who now attempt to ‘create’ other genders. We can’t have a church with one bathroom for all.

I’m sure all in the Reformed Christian camp would agree that diversities of sexual orientation, transgender or gender confusion do NOT get assimilated into the Body of Christ, the true church. It is …“false, factitious, of man’s formation” – as Hugh Martin says. It gets rebuked. Lovingly, of course. No true Christian can cling to or continue to practice pet sins.

So our challenge as the Body of Christ is to declare His Word; define sin as He clearly does. Yes, accept all with love. Never forget Rosaria Butterfield’s testimony. A lesbian activist transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, she is now the wife of Reformed Presbyterian Pastor Kent Butterfield. Bear in mind that it was a friend’s love, kindness, patience and prayer that lead to Rosaria’s conversion. Here is her testimony:

If you don’t have time to view the entire video, read her testimony here:


So when that gender-confused person walks into our church building, he/she will get a dose of Truth. Should he/she be moved to stay, be convicted, quickened by the Spirit and enabled to believe, that confusion will fade. That sinner will repent. We would all rejoice with the saints in heaven at such a manifestation of God’s grace! All sinners are welcome. So let them in, let them hear the gospel and pray they do not remain enslaved by their sin. Continue reading


New Summer Series: Hot Topics: Bashing Bees and Buzz Words

I am one of those odd people who hate summer. Forgive me. I shouldn’t hate any thing, time or season that the Lord has made. So no hate. With that said, here is what I dislike about summer:

I dislike bees. I know they’re necessary and wonderful, but I don’t want them near me.

I don’t like bees, but I do love honey.

I especially hate the


So I decided to write about annoying buzz words that have been buzzing around in Reformed Christian circles. Right now I’m thinking of two, but I’m sure there will be more. They are:



Oh my, putting these two words together is especially troubling. I’m not going there.

I’ve written about gender already in my Identity Crisis! Series, but I’ll take a quick revisit on that buzz word in particular, especially since there’s been increased chatter (or buzzing, if you will), concerning complementarianism.

I will start with diversity as soon as I organize various diverse ideas and thoughts that hopefully make sense.

There’s a great diversity of bugs and buzz words out there.  It’s gonna be a hot summer!

My fly swatter is ready.

You may end up wanting to swat me, but that’s okay.