The Day The Screen Went Black

iMacClick. Click. Click. I pounded the space bar. I clicked the mouse. My iMac refused to wake up from the sleep I’d induced a few hours earlier. I did the emergency shut down. Waited and prayed. Turned it on. The chime gave me hope.

It’s still alive!

But all I had was a black screen. After going through various ridiculous suggestions and some not so ridiculous, my screen was still black. Time to call a geek.

I can’t describe my devastation. My dependable Mac wasn’t there for me anymore. I knew I needed to update my technology, but it was one of those things that fell into the procrastination pile. Why rock the boat when everything was going smoothly? I prayed that my Mac would be revived and it wouldn’t cost much. Just a few more years of this deliciously large screen, please Lord. I hate change. And I can’t afford a new desktop computer.

My Geek was the perfect caricature of a geek. Small and thin, frail-looking, with no expression on his face, he entered my office with his black valise and a techy gizmo. He proceeded to disassemble my 24 inch darling. Not much later, the skilled surgeon announced the required operation exceeded the value of the patient…er, computer.

“What do you really need to save?” he asked. An interesting question.

Six years of my life were on this hard drive. Fortunately, I did back up most of it. But I was missing a year and a half of pictures. Mr. Geek migrated selected data from the hard drive onto a refurbished laptop I bought on ebay. He advised me on a few things and told me I could start putting things in the Cloud. There’s plenty of storage available on the Cloud.

The Cloud?

So everybody’s pictures, documents, life history is floating around out there on the Cloud? What happened to photo albums and file cabinets? I want them back. I want tangibles. I want paper. Files. Pictures in frames on walls. I need security – the security of knowing where my stuff is.

Deep breath. Wait a minute. The black screen really got me thinking.

social-networking_1100030721-012814-intWe are living in a digital age. A virtual age. Sometimes we can’t tell what’s real or fake, true or false. You would think we’d have more facts with all this knowledge, but we don’t. How bizarre. We’re constantly snapping images with our phones. (Well, I’m not, but maybe YOU are.) And then we share these on social media. Selfies, families, life events. All recorded in an instant and received by thousands of others for accolade. Sounds a bit like idolatry. The old SELF needs to be seen, heard and applauded. I think the just-about-obsolete photo album, kept tucked away in a drawer and brought out for private family occasions, was a better way of being thankful for our families, our lives, our achievements.

When we leave this world, we won’t take the pictures, documents or data with us. We even have to include in our wills (if we’re smart) who will dump our data, erase our technological footprint, or manage our post-humus Facebook page. This is something that never entered my parents or grandparents thoughts. Somehow, the so-called ease and convenience of technology has become a burden even in death.

Your date of death is the day your screen goes black.

You will not take your iPhone with you. You won’t be able to snap and share any longer. You will realize, on the day of your death, that the only thing that matters is belonging to Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Knowing Him, trusting Him and Him alone for your salvation is your only hope of ever seeing light and beauty again. When your life screen goes black, I pray you wake to the Light of Heaven, which is Jesus.

Remember what my Geek asked:

What do you really need to save?

Imagine looking into your soul and seeing all the sin data. Corrupted files take on a whole new meaning. A truly black screen.

I don’t trust the Cloud. Funny how they call it the Cloud. Is it supposed to mimic a spiritual realm, say like, Heaven? I already reserved my space in the clouds. Jesus did, actually. He prepared a place for me in heaven. That’s it. I’m in the Cloud.

Everything looks different on my new (but old, refurbished) MacBook Pro. Suddenly, the Leopard and the Lion got away from me and now I’m forced to climb El Capitan and perhaps the Sierras one day. I may catch up or I may not. I don’t care. All that is not necessary.

Here’s what IS necessary: my salvation. That is secure eternally because Jesus Christ has saved me — from mySELF, my sin and from eternal damnation.

The Lion of Judah is forever with me. He erased all my sin data and keeps my software running smoothly with constant scans and corrections. As I tarry on this technologically advanced earth, He leads me to the Rock that is higher than I.

Before everything goes dark, what do you really need to save?

Losing your data is one thing. Losing your life is quite another.

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” –Jesus — Matt. 16:25,26